Rupp Rifles – Bethlehem

Herman Rupp 1793
Patterned after RCA no. 57, I built this rifle for speculation in 2005. With an overall length of 64.5 inches, a barrel length of 49.5 inches and a 13.25 inch LOP. Weighing in at just under 8 lbs, this .54 cal rifles delivers in both accuracy and grace. With silver and wire inlay, together with raised carving, it calls back to its Christian Springs roots, while it’s architecture and fluer-de-lis dome lidded patch box demonstrates the evolution of the Lehigh rifle during the Federal Period and later decades. Presented, In-the-white at Dixon’s in 2005, this rifle caught the eye of it’s current owner. When offered in it’s completed form in October of that same year, the potential client had only one remark, “Damn it” and then completed the transaction 3 days later in my backyard at Swengel, where we test fired the rifle. Considered the prize of his collection, the owner affectionately named the rifle Aimee.  Photos courtesy of Jan Riser.



John Rupp rifle. Though only rare examples of John Rupp’s work are found today, this Bethlehem gun maker’s work typifies many of the elements to be found from rifles of this area.  An exacting “bench copy”, this beautifully simple rifle was build alongside its original.  The result is a museum grade copy that is ready for the field or to accompany the most discerning reenactor to rendezvous or trek.