Favorite Links

American Longrifles – www.americanlongrifles.org

Contemporary Longrifle Association – www.longrifle.ws

Contemporary Makers Blog – www.contemporarymakers.blogspot.com

Dixon’s Muzzleloading Shop – www.dixonmuzzleloading.com

The 18th Century Artisan Show – www.18thcenturyartisanshow.com

The Kentucky Rifle Association – www.kentuckyrifleassociation.org

Jacobsburg Historical Society – www.jacobsburg.org

Packwood House Museum – www.packwoodhousemuseum.com

Honourable Company of Horners – www.hornguild.org

Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society – www.lmhs.org

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Allen Martin
Builder and Collector
of Fine Flintlock Rifles
and Fowling Pieces


1510 Orchard Road
Swengel , PA 17880